Best Areas to Live in Calgary

Calgary sky line- Best areas to live in Calgary

Are you planning to move into Calgary or just looking for a new place? What are the best areas to live in Calgary?

The answer to the above question depends a lot on your own personal tastes and needs. Calgary is a lovely and diverse city full of options and opportunity. In the following sections we briefly describe the various options and delve into the highlights and benefits of each.

The city is usually classified in terms of its four quadrants. This quadrant will reflect in the street address as well, NW, SW, SE or NE. Each of these quadrants has their own unique flavor, characteristics, and points of interest.

Living in Calgary's four quadrants

Finding the best area in Calgary to live in can be difficult. As with most cities around the world, areas that are closer to downtown Calgary tend to be more expensive, and suburbs are less expensive. The suburbs of Calgary consist of relatively newer and larger houses ideal for families with kids who would want to play outside in the summer. On the other hand if you are single, or simply prefer a more urban lifestyle, downtown is the best area to live in Calgary.

Another aspect to consider is Calgary’s unique geography. So if you’re a nature junkie, choose a house which offers majestic views of the Rockies.

Calgary’s commercial and industrial hub is located in the southeast quadrant of the city. Rents are relatively on the higher side.

Best areas to live in Calgary Northwest

A very popular area to live in Calgary, the Northwest quadrant has some of the best neighborhoods. It offers an eclectic mix of cafes, pubs, bistros, boutiques, arts and crafts shops. NW IS generally a fun place to hang out for a few hours and just a short walk from downtown.

Arbour Lake with its inviting man-made lake offers a pleasing combination of convenient urban living and the laid-back lakeside lifestyle. Those living by the lake can enjoy canoeing and other water sports. The area is also home to lots of charming cafés and unique restaurants.

Similarly, if you want to be close to nature consider Varsity which is a plateau north of the Bow River. The valley gives residents quick access to some astounding natural landmarks and recreational areas and provides fantastic views.

This is the area where you will also find a lot of the city’s athletic facilities and academic institutions. Like the McMahon Stadium and the Canada Olympic Park.

It is also home the artsy to Kensington. Local artists and art enthusiasts frequent this area and you will come across quite a few projects in this area.

Other popular neighborhoods include Cambrian Heights, Evanston, and Parkdale.  Another point of interest is that the University of Calgary (U of C) is situated in NW quadrant, convenient if you have university-aged children,

Best areas to live in Calgary Northeast

One of the best areas of Calgary to live in is the NE quadrant if you have frequent trips out of town. This is due to the fact that the airport is located fairly centrally in this NE quadrant. The NE also offers excellent connectivity to downtown Calgary and other parts of the city and typically considered more affordable.

The 46 kilometer freeway, Deerfoot Trail runs along the quadrant dividing it from the rest of the city. This can get quite busy, especially during rush hour. The area is home to a lot of industrial areas as well as older neighborhoods for the working class. Popular sites include the Prehistoric Park, and the Calgary Zoo.

What sets the Northeast quadrant apart is affordable living and easy access to the rest of Calgary.

Best areas to live in Calgary Southwest

The Southwest is commonly agreed upon as one of the best areas to live in Calgary. Bankview, Killarney, Mount Royal are popular choices. Consequently these areas are priced in the higher side.

Aspen Woods is another highly sought after Southwestern neighborhood. Known for its affinity with nature, residents of this area can enjoy easy access to the mountains. The area is filled with parks and nature trails, perfect for running, biking and walking. The area is primarily residential, and it also has the famous Aspen Landing Shopping Centre.

The southwest quadrant is filled with quite a good number of luxury as well as retail outlets, restaurants, trendy cafes and much more. 17th Avenue in the southwest is just a hop and skip away from core downtown. It has an eclectic mix of eat-outs, restaurants and shops. This proximity and amenities has made the location a hub for singles and young couples.

Best areas to live in Calgary Southeast

The Southeast quadrant of Calgary is a bustling hub of commercial and industrial estates. As a result, housing adjacent to these areas is typically lower priced.

This quadrant has its fair share of residential neighborhoods as well. The far south part of the SE quadrant, which is well removed from the commercial and industrial zones, is just as popular as any other residential zone.

Want more help finding the best area to live in Calgary?

When trying to decide the best areas of Calgary to live in, there are a lot of factors to consider. Apart from budget and size of your family, age and lifestyle may also influence your choice. Another very important factor is to ensure you choose an area which would appreciate in value but not compromise in all the conveniences you would like to have.

Homes for Calgary is here to help with all your needs. Before you make your move, make sure you consider which area and what type of home you prefer. This will help you to choose the right new place to live, which will make the adjustment much easier.